Helping You Recover Compensation For Your Truck Accident Claims

Interstates throughout Arkansas and the Little Rock region are very common places for truck accidents to occur. You may have driven by an 18-wheeler accident at some point, and may have seen firsthand the serious injuries that these crashes can cause. If you find yourself injured in one of these collisions, it is extremely important that you take action to protect yourself to receive compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

At Bryce Brewer Law Firm, we have been providing representation for 15 years to individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of others. Our attorney, Bryce Brewer, has been a skilled advocate for clients seriously injured in accidents and other types of personal injury cases.

Extensive Investigation Of Your Accident Case

We are a small law firm, which allows us to devote substantial attention to our clients' cases. We meet directly with everyone who comes into our office so that they are able to receive a fair evaluation of their case. Once a contract has been signed, we immediately get to work reviewing your case.

Our lawyer and the rest of our legal team will visit the accident site to make sure we are able to present a clear picture of what happened to the court. We obtain any police reports or videos of the accident and review this information in order to determine the responsible parties. If there were witnesses to the crash, we will interview them and collect their statements so that we have what we need if we end up going to trial.

While many trucking accident cases eventually settle, our legal team is prepared for whatever may happen with your claims. If insurers are not willing to make a fair offer, we are confident in our courtroom skills.

Ready To Stand Up For You Against Tough Insurance Companies

To schedule a free consultation, please call our office at 501-712-5204 or send us an email. We are committed to providing you with the strong and compassionate representation you need at this time.