Protecting Your Assets During Divorce

Most couples really struggle in an effort to find a fair division of their property when going through a divorce. They may constantly disagree over the value or status of certain assets, leaving it impossible for the process to move forward. Some couples may even try mediation in an effort to find an agreement, but in the end, need the courts to help them resolve their concerns.

At the Bryce Brewer Law Firm, we help our clients with complex disputes concerning the division of marital property. Our lawyer, Bryce Brewer, has been providing dedicated assistance to those going through a divorce for over 15 years. Whether through negotiation, mediation or litigation, he is confident that he will be able to help you resolve your disputes.

Helping Couples Find An Equitable Distribution Of Their Marital Property

You and your spouse may have major assets such as retirement accounts or a marital home that may be the focus of your disputes. We review all of the information concerning the assets and debts belonging to your spouse, including any businesses that either of you may own. If there is self-employment income or other assets that are difficult to track, we make sure that we obtain an accurate accounting of your property.

We develop a creative approach that protects your interests and helps you finalize the end of your marriage. If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement, Bryce is an experienced litigator. He will advocate on your behalf in the courtroom, and work tirelessly to achieve the results you deserve.

Talk To An Experienced Attorney About Your Divorce

Your divorce is unique, and you need to be sure that your property division agreement reflects your specific situation. We can help. To schedule an appointment to discuss the division of marital property, please call our North Little Rock office at 501-712-5204 or send us an email.