Criminal Defense Overview

Whether you have recently been arrested for the first time or are a repeat offender, being charged with a crime is something that you need to take seriously. Even a conviction for a minor criminal offense in Arkansas could result in jail time, fines and additional consequences, such as the loss of your job.

At the Bryce Brewer Law Firm, located in Little Rock, our criminal defense practice is focused on helping you protect the things most important to you. Our lawyer, Bryce Brewer, has over 15 years of experience representing individuals who are facing both felony and misdemeanor criminal charges.

A Strong Advocate For Those Accused Of Crimes

Our legal team investigates the facts and evidence in each case, learning more about the possible defenses available. We discuss all options with you, and work to find a deal that is in your best interests. We handle several different criminal law cases for our clients, including:

  • DUI/DWI charges, including cases in which motorists have refused to submit to a blood or breath test
  • Drug crimes, including manufacturing, intent to sell and possession of drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamines, K2 and prescription drugs
  • Property crimes such as theft

We understand how important your case is to you, and we know that you have a lot to lose. You deserve an attorney who is willing to fight for you from the moment you are arrested up through your trial, if necessary. Bryce Brewer and the rest of our staff will be focused on preparing a strong defense to the charges you are facing. He will work tirelessly to help you retain your freedom and protect your rights.

Do Not Plead Guilty Before Talking To Our Attorney

You have rights, and it is important that you understand the impact that a conviction will have upon your future. Do not make the same mistakes that countless other individuals have made and simply plead guilty in the hopes your case will go away. Call our office at 501-712-5204 or send us an email to speak to Bryce Brewer.